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If you are looking for  a venue that will showcase the most agile, quickest and fearless shuttlers in North America...


HERE'S the


you will be absolutely astounded "

Spencer Cheung, CEO, ABLE TO GO


This will be the start of a home venue to build the BWF US Open Grand Prix Gold into a

 tournament tour de force 


People will plan their summers around watching the best badminton in North America"

-  Abi Bautista


Thank You for watching the 2016 YONEX US Open 


Let's do it BIGGER in 2017"


- USA Badminton



The Anaheim Convention Center Arena

Opened on July 12, 1967,  it will begin its 50th year hosting Disney 23.  In the five decades that followed, the Arena served as the site for such events as game 4 of the 1992 NBA Western conference playoffs, the Big West NCAA Conference play-offs, WNBA games and NBA D-League games.  as well as the wrestling competition for the 1984 Summer Olympics.[13].  In addition,  many conventions have occupied the space,  most notably,  Disney EXPO 23 with over 20 thousand in attendance.

Sports Arena 

Our New Home

We have moved our tournament  to Anaheim, closer to what may be the site of the 2024 Olympics.

This is a bold move and we know it, please join us in taking the best shot possible for a successful event.